Evocus Water Health Benefits | What is Black Water?


Evocus Water is not an ordinary water; It is India’s first black alkaline bottled water which helps in prevent over acidity, better detoxification, improved metabolism and improves immunity.

EVOCUS Water was launched in June 2019 by Aakash Vaghela, Co-founder of AV Organics.

Evocus Water gets its unique Black color from nature’s 70+ minerals, obtained from the depth of the Earth from a rare deposit in Texas, USA.

This is then purified by a unique process in Texas. This concentrate is then transported to AV Organics plant in India. Here, using a unique formulation, the minerals are added into fully purified water, after which the water becomes naturally black and Alkaline. The process ensures that Evocus is fully enriched, has a High pH value which is more than 8 and is tasteless, odourless, and is 100% natural.

A single 500ml Evocus water costs Rs. 100 but if you buy it on Amazon then you will get some discount if you buy it in bulk.

CapacityQuantityPriceBuy Option
500 ml6 BottlesRs.540Amazon Link
500 ml24 BottlesRs.2160Amazon Link
250 ml24 BottlesRs.1296Amazon Link

Is Evocus Water Good For health?

Yes, it is absolutely healthy to drink as it is the purest form of water on the earth.

The water coming to our homes is not pure due to high water pollution, usually we use RO water purifier to purify dirty water. It is not bad to drink RO purified Water but it is not completely suitable as it removes almost all the essential minerals and makes your body unhealthy in the long run. So, Evocus Water is majorly helpful to fulfill the requirement of minerals in the body.

Some of the Health Benefits of Evocus Water:

  1. Superior Hydration
  2. Better Detoxification
  3. Improved Metabolism
  4. Reduction in Acidity
  5. Boosts Immunity
  6. Anti-ageing Properties

Superior Hydration:

Evocus Water has ultra-hydrating properties. The water molecules in Evocus Water are smaller and more easily absorbed by your cells, allowing the water to enter the cells at an above-normal rate, thus providing you with a higher level of hydration. This helps in better lubrication of the joints, better skin and better functioning of the kidneys.

Better Detoxification:

Evocus Water, when consumed regularly, helps flush the toxins from our body. In our current lifestyle, we ingest a lot of chemicals on a daily basis with pesticide treated foods, pollutants in the air and whatever. This harms our body in the long run, which is why detoxification becomes important. Evocus Water helps to remove toxins by improving our digestion and promoting gut health.

Improved Metabolism:

Improved metabolism is something we all want, the food you take is put to better use. This results in an improved metabolism and your body burns more calories. Therefore, it helps your body use fat to generate more energy and keep you active throughout the day.

Reduction in Acidity:

Intake of Evocus Water helps in reducing body acids and balancing the pH of the whole body. Our stomach and gastrointestinal tract produce acid in our bodies to break down food, but sometimes it is produced in excess, causing acid reflux. Evocus Water helps neutralize that excess acidity in our body by balancing it.

Boosts Immunity:

Improved immunity is the most required in these difficult times and improving that is one of the main benefits of Evocus Water. As you start consuming Evocus Water, you will begin to neutralize the acids in your body and remove toxins from your body more efficiently. This aids in better digestion of food and better absorption of nutrients, resulting in a better immune system. This way you are better prepared to fight common ailments and get sick less often.

Anti-ageing Properties:

Drinking water is essential for your organs to function properly. If they don’t work optimally, you will undoubtedly look less youthful and feel less young. Rich in antioxidants, an Evocus Water is said to filter out the free radicals in your body, thus pumping breaks in the aging process of your skin, muscles and organs. So, you look youthful and healthy.


If you are serious about your health, then try Evocus water once because all the people who have drunk it so far have felt its benefits. Celebrities like Virat Kohli, Shruti Haasan, Malaika Arora and Urvashi Rautela have tried it and they all are extremely conscious about their health and if you are also a health freak then try it once and experience its benefits. You can easily buy it in on Amazon.


Evian Water (Black Water)

Evocus Water is black in color because it consists of 70+ minerals which are naturally black in color. These minerals are obtained from the depth of the Earth from a rare deposit in Texas, USA.

250 ml of water is enough for a day and you will see its effect from day one and all the people who drink it have benefited a lot as it has many health benefits.

The pH value of Evocus Water is more than 8, and the pH of normal water is 7. It the pH value of water is less than 7 then the water is acidic which creates health issues in the long run.

Evocus water has a pH of more than 8 which means it is Alkaline. Research has revealed that the body is completely healthy when it is Alkaline. That’s why it is also called Alkaline Water.