What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is different from regular drinking water because it has a high pH level which helps in reducing the acid level in the body. pH value is a number that tells us how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. The more the number, the more the substance is alkaline. Drinking water has a pH of 6.5 to 7 while alkaline water has a pH between 8 to 9.

The acidity or alkalinity can be measured by a scale called the pH scale.

A solution with pH 7 is said to be neutral, e.g.- drinking water has pH-7. A solution with pH 14 is strongly alkaline. A solution with pH 1 is strongly acidic.

Medical research suggests that a body is perfectly healthy when it is alkaline; no disease can survive in an alkaline body; research also suggests that cancer cells are acidic in nature and tend to grow well when the body is acidic. One of the ways to reduce the growth of cancer cells in the body is to keep them in an alkaline environment by consuming food and water which contains alkaline.

Further research also revealed that the body tissues tend to be healthier in an alkaline environment.

On the other hand, the body faces many diseases when it is acidic. Each time disease strikes the body the first thing it does is that it puts the body in an acidic environment.

We can increase alkalinity by ourselves also by drinking alkaline water ideal for the body with a pH of 8.5 to 9.5.

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water:

girl drinking alkaline water

Boosts Immune System:

It has many benefits. Alkaline water not only keeps your body healthy but can also prevent many diseases. Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant. It can boost your immune system by taking it regularly.

Detoxifies Your Body:

Drinking alkaline water detoxifies your body because it has the ability to wash away the unwanted toxins in the body.

Fight Cancer Cells:

Alkaline water also helps in fighting cancer because cancer cells do not live in an alkaline environment. Cancer cells only grow in an acidic environment. Alkaline water helps in increasing the pH level in the body.

Slow down Ageing:

Alkaline water promotes better hydration making your body reduce ageing, so the ageing process is slowed and your body functions properly.

Reduce Weight Faster:

Alkaline water helps in reducing weight faster. If a person is acidic in nature, it’s very difficult to lose weight but if a person has a high pH level by taking alkaline water, then he loses weight faster.

Prevents Diabetes:

One of the proven benefits of Alkaline water is to bring down diabetes. There is a study in which sugar levels are brought down by taking Alkaline water.

Cure Skin Problems:

Alkaline water also cures Psoriasis (untreatable skin problem) by applying Alkaline water on affected areas and drinking regularly.